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“Embracing Diversity”

 October 26 - 28, 2018

New look, new time, same beautiful place.

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All we’d hoped for and more!

Thank you all for attending and supporting LPFF2018…it was a huge success!

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The Lake Placid Film Festival

We welcome you to the 2018 Lake Placid Film Festival, this 17th undertaking in our colorful history.  As many of you know, we have embarked on a course this year of renaming, rebranding, and repositioning the event, while endeavoring to enroll and capture the imagination of a greater number of our area businesses, of our area supporters and volunteers, and of the thousands of Film Forum attendees participating with us over the last seventeen years.  We have changed Film Forum to Film Festival, and in doing so, hope to move, front and center, the sense of fun, adventure, and of inclusiveness, while retaining the former tenets of learning, discussion and of social interaction that was always one of the guiding lights of the Forum.  We have intended really, I think, to retain the intimate, but at the same time, to invite the public, with open arms, which has been perhaps the hallmark of Lake Placid inclusiveness from the very beginning of its existence.

This year we are pleased to provide three wonderful venues and seven screens, four at the historic Palace Theater, built in 1926, two at the High Peaks Resort, our Headquarters Hotel and generous sponsor, and one at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.  We will be showing some forty films over the three days including a spattering of free events and screenings. We have retained Dylan Skolnick, a noted film programmer, who leads the Cinema Arts Centre, in Huntington, New York, and a distinguished presenter at the annual Art House Convergence.  We have also continued to rely on the calm and unflappable leadership of the Chair of the Adirondack Film Society, John Huttlinger.  And, we rely on those inspirational figures that have guided the Lake Placid Film Forum for this last, almost two decades, in Nelson Page, and Kathleen Carroll.

It is a special year also in that we are acknowledging Kathleen, at a dinner in her honor, on the evening of October 25th.  Kathleen is a Lake Placid native, a co-founder of the Lake Placid Film Forum, and the former chief film critic of the New York Daily News.  Too, this year, we lost one the greatest of our supporters when we lost Reg Clark, the long-time owner of the Palace Theater.  We have chosen this year, to honor Kathleen for her unwavering support, and to dedicate this year’s Festival to Reg.

This year too, we have built on the theme of Embracing Diversity, and toward that end have selected numerous films that explore our differences, and our struggles, as well as our strongest commonalities, and, juxtapose the two.  But with these varying themes of darkness, and of bright light, we have interspersed laughter, introspection, and sentience. I have come to believe that nothing can highlight these spires and depressions of human interaction, in such intimate connection, as can be done with the medium of film through the eyes of talented film makers.

It is with this resolve and sense of purpose that we present the 2018 Lake Placid Film Festival.  We hope you enjoy it, that you learn from it, and that you think about it.  We hope you discover a place, a retreat, a shelter; a place of great inspiration, to which you can return on the last weekend of October, for many years to come. 

Gary Smith

Festival Director 2018


2018 Official Trailer

Lake Placid Film Festival