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Peter Riegert

“There are times when you have to fight for something you believe in that you love.”

The Lake Placid Film Festival 2019 welcomes actor and director, Peter Riegert, who will join us for this year’s fest. We will screen one of his films, Local Hero (1983) and have a discussion with Peter following, moderated by Adirondack Film Society’s Chairman and Barrymore Film Center’s President, Nelson Page.

Rogert Ebert reviewed Local Hero in 1983, giving it 4 of 4 stars, “Here is a small film to treasure, a loving, funny, understated portrait of a small Scottish town and its encounter with a giant oil company. The town is tucked away in a sparkling little bay, and is so small that everybody is well aware of everybody else's foibles. The oil company is run by an eccentric billionaire (Burt Lancaster) who would really rather have a comet named after him than own all the oil in the world. And what could have been a standard plot about conglomerates and ecology, etc., turns instead into a wicked study of human nature.”

Actor and director, Peter Riegert was born in New York City making his acting debut in the musical “Minnie’s Boys”, based on The Marx Brothers. His body of film, tv and stage work includes National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), Crossing Delancy (1988), Oscar (1991), The Mask (1994), Traffic (2000), Leverage: The Lost Heir Job (2009), The Sopranos, Local Hero and more.

(Date, time, venue to be announced.)

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Chris Costello

“It wasn’t like growing up with Lou Costello. It was growing up with Dad”.

Chris is the youngest daughter of Lou Costello. Chris has had diverse and eclectic careers, first starting with a recording contract at the age of sixteen with Columbia Records when she and two friends masterminded the ultimate hoax by leading the record giant into thinking they had the first girl group from England! It was the height of the British rock invasion of the 60’s, and although the Boutique’s career was short lived, they did record one song, Did You Get Your Fun (written by Chris) and which now can be found on YouTube. About five years later, Chris pursued her dream of singing by studying with a leading voice builder, Giuseppe Balestrieri. She performed in night clubs around the country, dabbled in acting with some small television roles, performed voice over work, and was a co-founder of the Audio Repertoire Company of voice over artists. In the early 80’s, Chris lived out another dream—-singing with a big band. She joined the Bill Tole Orchestra (best known for his role as Tommy Dorsey in the film “New York, New York”) and worked with the orchestra until 1987. From 1987 to 2008, Chris was an entertainment publicist, working primarily with makeup effects artists and since 2008 pursued her real love—-travel. She is a cruise travel agent with a New Jersey based company. “This is what I love, this is my passion”.

Chris is also the author of the best-selling book on her dad, Lou’s On First (Saint Martin Press / 1981), which was in print for twenty-two years and is now an e-book which can be purchased through Amazon.

Chris joins us for a special presentation of Abbott & Costello Meets Frankenstein in the historic Palace Theatre on Saturday, October 26, 2019, and afterwards for a conversation with Tom Meyers, Executive Director of Barrymore Film Center and Ft. Lee Film Commission. This program is underwritten by the Barrymore Film Center and the Ft. Lee Film Commission.

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Louise Woehrle

“My work reflects my devotion to using media and storytelling as a conduit for good. In these divisive times we need true stories that build bridges not walls.”

Louise Woehrle, founder of Whirlygig Productions, Inc., is an award-winning filmmaker, publisher, writer, director, producer and creative consultant bringing to the forefront stories that need to be told. One such story is about her uncle, Charles Woehrle, a World War II Air Force Bombardier who became a prisoner in the Staglag Luft III war camp, which was depicted in the film The Great Escape. Louise’s documentary allows us to hear from the “real” characters of the 1963 film.

The Lake Placid Film Festival is honored to screen her compelling and unforgettable documentary, Staglag Luft III—One Man’s Story. Her Uncle Charles is the protagonist and narrator of the documentary and we will be able to see through his eyes this horrific experience and his ability to transform this tragedy into a life of compassion.

After the screening of the film, Louise will join us in a discussion about the film, Uncle Charles and her passion to tell this and other important stories through filmmaking.

(Date, time, venue to be announced.)

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Rick Moulton

Rick Moulton has been an independent filmmaker since 1972. His career began in the 1960s with the making of Freeform and Oceans, surf movies made in Hawaii and California. He came back east with his wife Melinda and worked for Vermont Public Television in the 1970s. As an independent filmmaker in the early 80s, his film Legends of American Skiing won the Baniff Mountain Film Festival and was nationally released on PBS. Rick has produced numerous films for the Ski industry. Other clients include NBC, IBM and Dartmouth College. His Web Exhibit, Making A Legend: Lowell Thomas & Lawrence of Arabia - Creating History has won several awards and currently posts over 100,000 hits per month. Rick has extensive film archival experience, setting up the CARE Collection for New York Public Library, a film archive for The National Ski Hall of Fame, and digitizing films for Dartmouth and Marist College. He enjoys combining this expertise with old films with his making of documentaries.

Rick will be on hand for a Q&A with Kathleen Carroll following the screening of Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News.

(Date, time, venue to be announced.)