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You Must Remember This: A Classic Is Still a Classic

Join film historian/author and Turner Classic Movies contributor Jeremy Arnold on Monday, August 12th, at the Strand in Schroon Lake and see CASABLANCA—TCM’s choice for the greatest Hollywood movie ever—on the BIG screen like it was meant to be seen!

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Look Who’s Coming…

We have added some diverse and amazing guests to our lineup for LPFF 2019 and hope you will read a little more about these unique programs. Tickets for each will be sold at the screening venue's box office during the festival at $15/ticket. A 2019 "Full Festival Pass" will gain you admittance and priority seating.

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Announcing Special Events…

We are lining up amazing events this year at the 19th Annual Lake Placid Film Festival and hope you’ll take a look, buy your tickets online (we expect some of our shows to sell out!) and join in the fun. “Sneak Peaks” at our trailers, world class jazz musician James Rivers, party at Great ADK Brewing, wine tastings, Tribute Gala, Short film competition and so much more!

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LPFF Chats with Kathleen Carroll

Nelson Page, Vice Chairman of the Adirondack Film Society / Lake Placid Film Festival chats with Kathleen Carroll, Artistic Director & Co-Founder of the LPFF and former film critic for The New York Daily News.

Nelson: We know you as a big city movie critic, who for many years worked for The New York Daily News, but you are, in fact, a native of the North Country. One of my favorite stories you’ve related to me, was that as a young girl growing up in Lake Placid, you were encouraged to talk to strangers. Would you tell us about that?

Kathleen: My parents and my brother and I lived in a small cottage on the grounds of the Lake Placid Club, a private resort that was founded by Melville Dewey, the creator of the Dewey decimal system used by libraries. My parents would occasionally invite club guests to come to their house. Growing up in a resort town that was so dependent on tourism and living on the grounds of the Lake Placid Club meant that my parents all but encouraged us to talk to strangers or at least to their friends who ranged from the CBS newscaster Lowell Thomas to the writer William L. Shirer (the best-selling author of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”). One of the guests who came to the house was the famous boxer Gene Tunney. He was relaxing in the living room when my brother Kevin, who was a mere tot then, rode his tricycle into the room and bumped into Tunney’s legs. Tunney jumped up, He kept saying “My knees, my knees.” So it was that this famous boxer was nearly outmatched by an aggressive toddler.

Nelson: Over the many years, both here in Lake Placid as well as in your job at the paper, you met with and interviewed dozens of famous people. Which individual stands out as the most interesting and/or fascinating…and yes, you can excuse me from that list!

Kathleen: My curiosity about people eventually helped me when I had to meet such legendary movie stars as Cary Grant (whom I chatted with at a small dinner party in Hollywood while his date for the evening, a young actress, looked plainly bored). I have to admit however that I did find it difficult to talk to Marlon Brando when he suddenly popped up on the rugged Montana location for “The Missouri Breaks.”

But I couldn’t help but warm up to the equally formidable Joan Crawford who called me one evening to invite me and my predecessor at The Daily News, Wanda Hale, to her apartment for cocktails. “Call me Joan,” she insisted. A day later she greeted us at her door wearing no make up and a bathrobe. We feared we had the wrong night but she insisted we come in. She even managed to heat up a frozen quiche for us. Her adorable little dog promptly ate my slice of quiche.

Nelson: I’ll see you at the “Tribute Gala” in your honor, and of course, the festival! Thank you Kathleen, it’s been truly wonderful working with you on the LPFF all these years.

Kathleen: Thank you Nelson.

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LPFF Chats with

Jeremy Arnold

Nelson Page talks with Jeremy about his “classic” film pick for LPFF 2018.

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Official Selections

We invite you to take a look at our selection of films for Lake Placid Film Festival 2018.

Stay tuned as we continue to add films to our schedule.

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“Fall for our Films”

We have an exciting event lined up for you, showcasing films you can't find in the local multiplex. Our venues, The Palace Theatre, Lake Placid Center for the Arts and the High Peaks Resort, are conveniently located in the heart of Lake Placid. You will see foreign films, documentaries, feature films, classic films, student films and short films. And if that's not enough, panels, Q&As, discussions, stimulating interactions with directors, producers, actors and industry insiders. Our theme is DIVERSITY and we know that you will be enriched and enlightened. Full Festival Passes $79 and Individual Screening Tickets $15 are on sale now.

See you at the Show!