Movies are Magical

Palace Theatre, Lake Placid NY - 1st Home of the Lake Placid Film Festival

Palace Theatre, Lake Placid NY - 1st Home of the Lake Placid Film Festival

We stand in line, buy our tickets, grab our popcorn, take our seats and patiently endure the promos, just so we can be in the dark. Then the light comes in from the back of the theatre, projecting on the white screen, filling our senses with images and sounds. Other people’s loves, worries, hopes, dreams, experiences and tragedies envelope us and for an hour or two we venture into another existence and allow our imagination to take flight. It’s always shocking at the end of the movie to see the lights come on in the theatre and watch all the people scurrying back to their busy lives. But, for a moment, we were content, together, sharing an experience.

Movies are magical. A friend told me a while ago, “Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” He said he learned how to make friends, be a son, navigate his “first kiss”, shed his teenage awkwardness and get out there, be a better parent, break out of his ordinary routine, seek adventure from life, how to fall and pick himself up, how to deal with success - in other words, how to live his best life. Just like in the movies, things don’t always work out the way we’ve written the plot. He still watches movies with a childlike wonderment. Truth be told, he secretly wanted to name his daughter, “popcorn”.

In today’s rushed world, I’m not sure we slow down long enough to sit still, in the dark, waiting for the light to shine, reflecting where we’ve been, where we are and maybe where we’re going. So, stop reading this and go watch a movie in a theatre, with all your friends. It is a experience that must be shared. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn how to be brave, how to make your life more meaningful, how to uplift others…how to live your best life!

Blog post: C. Trotter