Modern Day "Brigadoon"

Local Hero older poster NEP blog.jpg

What can I say...two of my favorite actors in just about my favorite film, which takes place in Scotland...and I LOVE Scotland.

"Local Hero" speaks to me in a way that few films ever have. Quiet, low key, quirky, sexy, remote and totally seductive  and identifiable. OK, raise your hands if you've never seen this movie before ( metaphorically of course!)...shame on you. It stars Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster both of which put in top notch performances in this modern day "Brigadoon" like story that has Americans coming to Scotland and being absorbed by its charm and beauty.

Those of you who have never been to Scotland will wish that you had, and for many years after I visited there my Scots envy turn in a direction that I would have never imagined. I received as a gift a coupon for one of those popular genetics tests and figured, what the hell...I just KNEW I was Italian, French. Polish, blah, blah, blah... oops, turns out that I was none of the above. To my surprise, some Irish...22% American Indian (really??), no Italian but lots of Eastern European blood. To my delight, 11% Scottish, yessss! Now I can watch this movie with some home-town pride.

Reigert’s performance is wonderful as the overburdened and ambitions every-man whose looking to do his bosses bidding. Lancaster was 70 when this film was released in 1983 but still has that charisma which made him a Academy Award winner and a huge star.

Mr. Reigert will be with us once again here in Lake Placid. He last joined us 17 years ago and we certainly look forward to having him here with us again. I will be interviewing Peter before the screening of Local Hero and I do think it will be a conversation not to be missed. We'll discuss the movie, his career and all the things that makes this gifted Actor, Writer. Producer and Director the marvelous talent that he is.

(Actor, Director Peter Riegert will be our special guest at LPFF 2019 and will talk with Nelson Page in a Q&A before the screening of “Local Hero” on Saturday, October 26th at the Palace Theatre, at 9PM. Individual tickets will be available at the box office during the festival.)

Nelson E. Page, Chairman Adirondack Film Society & President Barrymore Film Center